Monday, September 14, 2009


i’m just a story. nothing real, nor fake, but simply “what is”
a panel, wafer thin. see-thru amalgam
a dense preexisting
corners foul
blind spots owl

neither what is or was
supposed to or have to be
what was it they said?
knock-need conventionality?

bury a scratched back into a comfort grave
decided and continued


the balance of corrugate is not as quiet as is perceived to be. a subtlety ignored but in continuance; in prevalence. like gravity, not a magnet.


we are none of us artists

we are all of us artists

ultimately none of that matters. unless we decide.

Friday, September 11, 2009

gray area

the individual, the self is pure. is source. is blackness.

the surround is noise, is fog, is whiteness.

but all is connected. part of the process. paths rhythmically resonant to one another.

it is in this place that we exist; this perception and perspective;
this tempered reality we each are the arbiter of.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

gradated perception

abstract colloquial truths
abstract colloquial truths are facts based on perception, experience, emotion, context, culture, etc. an abstract colloquial truth is supported or maintained strongly by the individual or group. it tends to be a relatively firm belief usually being a misconception of fact. abstract colloquial truths are created, supported, and maintained by static, limited, or narrow-minded associations, knowledge, or thought processes.

immanent- and imminent-fact
immanent fact is something that is a personal fact(that already exists within or of us) but that we are unaware of or unable to articulate in a way that is comprehensible(to ourselves or others). we may “feel” an immanent fact’s presence or effects but do not entirely understand. an imminent fact is a fact that will be present in the next moment or instant. an imminent fact cannot be avoided or hidden it is an abstract idea of something that will happen in the next instant and not “sometime in the future.” an imminent fact can be thought of as a “result.”
perception of imminent fact is also known as common sense.

p:p as i:i

for about two weeks now, maybe three or four, i’ve been making the distinction of a thought process or way of thinking(or course of thinking) that i’ve boiled-down to two words: practical and principle. practical is logic. principle is emotion. practical is more instinct-actual and principle is more intellect- or knowledge-based. though it seems these are reversed (isn’t intellect a logical thing? and instinct, emotion) they are not when describing the thought process i’m talking of. personal and/or narrow associations need to be expanded for understanding. all that is is a balance of or relevant combining of elements and non-elements. in humans there are many at hand that may be involved, active, or leading to results, eventualities, or outcomes. we seem to be in a continuum, and so, this is “always” or continuing to happen. this goes for the way we think just the same as the way our bodies are affected.
when we do something we have what we know(information experience), what we remember(experience wisdom intuition), and what we feel (instinct intuition wisdom emotion). i’ve called this instinct, intellect, and intuition in the past. but the words practical and principle, for me, sum up the state of these two branch-thought paths.
it seems that choices, amoung everything else, involve these two paths or branches of thought. practical is the path that is based on what is actual or present, either in mind, like culture or decision or outcome, or physical like tools, objects, environment. practical actions are logical ones that are calculatable and based in fact or fact of experience. fact of experience is different than a flat fact in that “f.o.e.” represents the state that an individual or group’s facts are based in what they have come to know or have had access to or been exposed to. it says that one’s facts are based on experience and that there are facts that may be and are hidden to any individual at any time. it says that what we know to be factual or true may be false or artificial or fragmented.
a flat fact is the abstract idea that there are stable and consistent elements(facts) in reality. for humans these facts permeate our culture and comforts. this is an observation of this state not a dismission. flat facts can be as simple as black is black because... or more complex like the outcomes and effects of gravity on compound processes.
when we react along a practical path it is “getting the job done” or “putting emotion aside” etc. the negative statements include “acting like a robot” “no humanity” etc. but the path is not absolute or static. like mentioned above there are many elements involved at any one time. it is our minds that temper these elements (or have the ability to temper) that then result in results or our actions.
practical thinking is looking at what there is to work with, what needs to be done based on desired outcomes or importances.
principle thought is based more in emotion, or what we know or rather “think” is present or happening. principle thought is the “over thinking” that we talk about or the “second guessing” or when we get caught in loops of “too much planning” or preparation. “emotionally compromised” is another one. initially, when we plan or prepare or think out what needs to be done, we are thinking practically, but at some point the balance is thrown and thus enters in principle thought.
principal thought, like knowledge can throw off balanced thought. as parallel example, most people draw/paint what they know versus what they see. what they know clouds what is present or actual. this kind of emotionally-enhanced thought can quickly get out of balance.
embracing all the elements that exist enhances the soup’s potential. whether or not all elements are utilized or influence the soup is beside the point.

there are definitely times of overlap beyond the combining of elements (and their overlap). sometimes the action-taken can be perceived as principle-based but the ultimate purpose is practical. the opposite can be true where, under the guise of being practical, a principle-based intention is realized. these actions(principle/practical/or overlap of), when they are occurring, are present regardless of the individual’s level of awareness of them. but i think that latently, these two paths of thoughts (or their overlap) are always present with the average human mind.