Saturday, May 22, 2010

dialogue from a lantern gnat

"sometimes, well actually more often than i like, glagnez will become preoccupied having tunnel vision for the synchron and lumenit of their various glowe.  it seems their preoccupation sends their minds cottonwadt loosing reason or spectrum for specific colour.  it also seems as though they believe or feel that there is only one type of gnite.  they send a failing on the continuum diversity.  we gnats are highly varied.  i cannot count the many relative types that exist.  yet, we tend to fuss over tone, hue, lumenit, and frequency of our wonderful midgnite."

[notes on the knot-species "lantern gnat"]
glagnez is pronounced "lawns" and is the name lantern gnats refer to themselves as.
gnite or "glowe" refers to the centric attribute of their bioluminescence.  it also speaks for the unique culture of glagnez as they see it; at times affectionately referred to as "midgnite."
lumenit refers to relative "voice" of emitted light or "brightness."
synchron refers to light pattern.