Friday, August 20, 2010

wide ruled

i have no class
             no rubylith that shows up in the photocopy
       i have presence - substance like a pencil, non-photo blue

       but i am not lead to leave record.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

a review of some comfort

demands of convention

expression (aka "art") does not demand to be figured out

one does not have to "get it" or even understand

your experience is your own

manhattan ergonomics

bright is brow suftly folded
into knot and whole we fall
our fussor

substitution agorath

without tears the random hidth continues

blank check for white noise

where are the other wanderers in the lone

the corner turned reveals a continual absent

parallel wink

incarnation of a kind of failure is the remembering of name over experience

label over content

on top of existence

the knot i tie  -  is


again, i'm much as not as am

the 1927

the avenue is blind aft and abstract
i envy my toes


the doors usually cheer me up
nail by nail their mystery
frightens me but with a familiar

of moles

eager to get foot to floor
the mud slots my toe by toe