Sunday, May 13, 2012

Salvador Dali - A Soft Self Portrait - Complete

first, due to blogger's recent interface update/improvement i have effectively been blocked from blogger.  this is due to my points of access.  for one reason or another i cannot access the interface windows, which means i cannot make new entries or even access my profile.
i can only post entries through roundabout convoluted ways like you see here (from flickr or youtube).
so until futher notice, i am on a inconsistency-based hiatus. i'll have to see how i can circumvent the current update-and-resultant-block situation or find a way to move all content to another site/blog.

[now for my post-exposition]

why am i even sharing this? hmm, because i must sate one of the cabinets in my brain that is bellyaching about it. because those that "know," know. and those who don't, don't care/seem to care. though, there is that small small small portion of human specimen that actually will wonder where this has been all their lives up to the point of discovery. so that is a good reason to share this.