Thursday, April 29, 2010

self observate

unremarkable in prismatic ranges.  auramatic fumes collecting for explosive insinuates into the apparency of existence.
proximity reveals the rhythm and perspective.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

black and white coffee exception

in relative forms; lost in the neo logism; a modern-moment intellectual existente. torn between the seemingly opposing sides of reality - his own and the aggregate other. social pressures of conformity bombarded him at a time when he could not defend his own mind. aggravating, confusing; the nurture of his guardians and close influences as well as the nature he inherited guided him through those strange realities. eventually there came a parallel understanding of the once peripheral ghosts in his surround. he began to make sense of what he'd known, what was, what is, and what may yet be to come. his photographic ability with memory is not as keen as it seems the average is, but his intuition is saturate with the stains and crumbs of experience. his subtle witness is sensitive and he has come to know of his sensitivity. he wields it now where once it only floundered about randomly.

the pressures to belong and connect are not lost on him either as a benefit or detriment to himself or that of the collective other. at one time he searched for elements that defined or could define his being - his be-ing; to himself; to others. but ultimately, and after many failed attempts, he came to find that no one thing, idea, or presentation could define what he was or felt. the idea of individual representations (static icons of self-worth, identity, or validity) persistently felt ludicrous; not by design or choice, but by awareness, realization, and result.

in fact, somewhere in him, for who knows how long, he's known and appreciated the individual dynamic quality and importance... in existence. of all things, not just human. and so, while he has his objections and disagreements, he finds that there is ultimately no (benefit to) argument to have with anyone except in the emotional exchange and the working out of thought that is afforded by the process of arguing or debate (conversation). we each are unique. gathering experience unique to our path and process. even the identical twin, by existing as a separate entity from its counterpart will have a relatively likewise unique experience (even if they'd like to think otherwise). our opinions, beliefs, understanding, perceptions, and perspective are all unique to our individual dynamic. this is not to say that we should not argue, or persuade, or challenge, etc. these attributes or qualities are of our nature. and we each are steward to our own nature, our own dynamic. it is we who are charged with representing and sharing that dynamic with all else. and to do so, in part, requires our acceptance, embrace, and understanding of the possible other points of view.
whatever level of action we choose to act on we are still connected in existence, with each other, with our environment. whether workaday or layman, couch potato or deadbeat, celebrity or genius they all have connection, influence, and importance.

realist? anarchist? existentialist? artist? fatalist? pessimist? optimist?

the "ist" he consistently feels rhythm with is exist.