Tuesday, February 21, 2012

shoulder over the shoulder

consistently often, i have chills of sorts. they are not apparent, and i'm not boisterous; sometimes i'm overwhelmed and i'll articulate more directly/physically,

if it's not the realization of how many hearts are beating at once, how fast the earth spins round itself(the sun, the galaxy, the universe), then it's how many blades of grass i'm seeing, how they all look like one, feeling all the itchy sensations in the skin, internal organs, cartilage movements, hairs blowing, sounds floating, colours trembling, things being

and i can feel the atomic presence - the connection. it's vibrant. it's tart. it glows. it blinds.
it says "there is no end to one thing, no beginning."

i may nod and whisper~

"it's fantastic and continually distracts me. . .  thank you."